A saga of innovation and empowerment

A saga of innovation and empowerment

Jitendra Dubey December 27, 2016 0 Comments
A saga of innovation and empowerment

Only sometimes it happens that your passion meets your goal. Innovation when backed up with the intention of empowering the society as a whole inevitably blooms into something worth inspiring. VELTOSA, the company was started with same objective of incorporating passion of empowerment into its goal of creating inventive and sustainable solutions for the society.

VELTOSA had been pursuing its purpose of applying technology for the upliftment and improvement of society at large by the name of Rajyogi Innovative Pvt. Ltd.
The rebranding was done to ensure that the company matches pace with the ever changing world and could talk in their language. ‘VEL’ in VELTOSA was derived from ‘VEL’ of NOVELTY. Novelty as always describes newness, innovation and improvisation. The company diligently follows the high standards it has set for itself.

Veltosa identifies novel products from around the world and customizes them to match the Indian backdrop, providing economic and feasible options for unremitting problems faced by the public on daily basis. Veltosa always stresses on advancement, an improvisation, a uniqueness which is workable as well as affordable. Along with the intention of following its objective, the company has cutting edge infrastructure, sound financial back up, advanced technological knowledge and strategic networking. All these add up to bring on table really break through which plug in the gap of demand of society at right places.

Since its launch the company has grown dynamically. It has series of products under its wings and is constantly working to add more to its already envious catalogue. Some of the innovative profiles of products include prevention of mosquitoes and insects through U.V. light, designed for farm as well as homes, Home security gadget that secures houses from thefts and alerts via email and phone, Advanced house alarm system that is highly sensitive to several physical parameters, a Pain relief gadget which relieves pain in a short time with its ice and vibration effect. These gadgets are not only innovative but are highly advanced and customized according to Indian requirements.

The successfully launched brands of Veltosa are Dynatrap which has three versions designed for farm lands upto 1 acre and indoor ones with 1000 sq.ft and 300 sq.ft. , Buzzy Healthcare Mini, Photo Express E3, Express GSM 1, Mobeye Argos, Mobeye Outdoor Device, VibraCool, SecYour, LifeLock, StopSleep and much more.

All these products are an improvised version of already existing prototypes present in India which have their own limitations. These advanced products are curated from world over and are remodelled with a team of product designers who are equally skilled to get the technology to fit in the requirements of a developing country like India. They have been introduced in the Indian market with a view to empower society by technological innovation and strengthening them security wise, health wise and progress wise. Products like Dynatrap are the necessity for upcoming economy like India which is battling with mosquito related diseases and insect infestation in crops. Dynatrap will go a long way in giving relief to farmers and common people from mosquitoes and insects and uplifting economy and health. Likewise are other products like SecYour that not only protects home from theft but its cutting edge technology gives the relevant information on mobile which helps in catching the culprit. In future also Veltosa looks forward to continue adding products in our catalogue that really can make an improvement in the society rather than just sell.

We at Veltosa work for innovation and a mission which helps in overall lifestyle improvement of the society. Because we believe that together we grow, together we flourish!

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