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Veltosa Empowers With Innovation

Veltosa is a pioneering company established with the noble vision of making innovative solutions meet latent needs of the society whether explicit or implicit. Powered by diligent research and development, Veltosa excels in identifying products from across the world that uniquely solve some of the chronic problems of mankind by using innovative concepts and advanced technology. Having identified the appropriate solution, we collaborate with the product designers, strategically customize the solution and package the service offering for launching it in the large Indian market, which is currently one of the fastest growing large economies of the world.



Unravel magical solutions for the safety and empowerment of our society.



Explore the world for innovative solutions that help resolve some of the pressing problems of mankind in a unique manner.

Veltosa boasts of a robust network of adept marketers and passionate dealers at our disposal. The members of this network know the Indian market and the psyche of Indian customers like the back of their hands.

So Veltosa is where the best of both worlds meet – where the latest innovation from across the world is customized and launched affordably and conveniently for the safety and empowerment of the Indian society. Driven by this powerful vision, state of the art infrastructure, sound financial foundation, advanced technological knowhow and intelligent networking, Veltosa has successfully launched a series of products that are revolutionizing the Indian market through solutions that practically have no competition. This strategy has afforded us the privilege of being market leaders in this space.

Our effective strategy followed by solid execution along with our robust network are the reasons behind our success in launching brands like Dynatrap-USA, Blue Apple-USA, VibraCool-USA, Mobeye-Netherlands, Buzzy-USA, E-Cloth-UK, Dodow-France, Ceracoat Ceramic-Switzerland, Ecoegg-UK, Hatestains-USA, Grandpa Gus’s-USA, Pestrol-Australia, Connoisseurs- USA, Freshwave- USA and so on.


There’s a way to do it better - find it.

Thomas Edison, Inventor and businessman

We encourage you to explore our products and services on this website, and look forward to assisting you soon with the help of our unique offerings.

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