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    Great Opportunity to Invest In the Dealership of an Innovative Product Dynatrap

    Mosquito and insect menace is the greatest threat India is facing today. Mosquito borne diseases have raised their ugly heads to cause major health concern. In this segment, Veltosa has launched a wonderful product named Dynatrap. Dynatrap is already an award winning product which has earned a worldwide recognition as an effective mosquito trap. The company is going to introduce 16 variants of Dynatrap ranging for areas from 1 acre to 300 sq.ft. Here is a golden opportunity to go for a dynamic and profitable business venture with Dynatrap dealership.


    • The company is offering the dealership for the first time in India.
    • Dynatrap is most advanced, effective and eco-friendly product available in the market.
    • Only device available in indoor and outdoor variants
    • Long lasting product with easy maintenance
    • Exclusive dealership assuring long term incomes
    • Non Exclusive Dealership investment requires Rs. 2 lacs on product purchase with attractive margin on investment.
    • Technical training will be provided by Veltosa.
    • Apart from entrepreneurship, the dealership is a step towards empowerment of society.
    • A decent opportunity for young entrepreneurs hunting for an innovative and profitable venture.


    Veltosa is a pioneering company with a mission to explore the world for innovative solutions that help resolve some of the pressing problems of mankind in a unique manner whether explicit or implicit. The company has a vision to unravel magical solutions for the safety and empowerment of our society. Veltosa is where the best of both worlds meet – where the latest innovation from across the world is customized and launched affordably and conveniently for the safety and empowerment of the Indian society. Driven by this powerful vision, state of the art infrastructure, sound financial foundation, advanced technological knowhow and intelligent networking, Veltosa has successfully launched a series of products that are revolutionizing the Indian market through solutions that practically have no competition.

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