Combat Mosquito Menace, with Dynatrap!

Combat Mosquito Menace, with Dynatrap!

Jitendra Dubey May 17, 2017 0 Comments
Combat Mosquito Menace, with Dynatrap!

Mosquitoes, the little two-winged creatures, hold enormous power to endanger the health and economy of countries globally. Disease transmitted by mosquitoes like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya,
have created havoc in both developing and under developed countries. Especially Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are the worst affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported 390 million cases of dengue fever worldwide of which 96 million cases became serious enough for medical treatment.

From 2014 to 2016, India witnessed the doubling up of dengue cases, with Delhi, the national capital being the worst affected. In the year 2016, nearly 2700 people were afflicted with vector-borne diseases till October 8. The Aedes aegypti, known as the yellow fever mosquito, responsible for Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika fever, bites during the day. They are the most active early in the morning and late afternoon. In Summer and Monsoon season, mosquitoes get ideal conditions to multiply at a fast pace. In Winters, these cold blooded creatures hibernate inside a constricted hole or outlet and become active again during favorable conditions.

To counterattack the widespread threat of these deadly beasts, the Delhi government launched the “India fights Dengue” app in 2016, on World Health Day. The current mission of the Indian government is to make India Malaria free by 2027.

To terminate the havoc of mosquitoes, different sort of preventive measures were advocated by mosquito repellent manufacturing companies. However, most of the mosquito repellents contain DEET (chemical name, N,N-diethyl-meta-polyamide) responsible for various health hazards. The excessive use of poisonous pesticides though kill mosquitoes, reduce the fertility of the soil and deplete the nutritional value of the crops produced. The toxic fumes of mosquito coils too are hazardous for pregnant women and toddlers.

In such a grim situation, Dynatrap, an electric mosquito killer machine by Veltosa is a bliss. Dynatrap eliminates biting flies, moths and other flying insects in a non-toxic way. Dynatrap emits CO2 by the effect of U.V. light on a TiO2 plate. The emitted CO2 attracts mosquitoes towards it and then they are trapped inside a retaining cage through an inbuilt vacuum fan. Inside the cage, the mosquitoes dehydrate and die. The cage can be emptied at regular intervals.

With Dynatrap, you can insulate your home and office from the perils of mosquitoes. This fumeless mosquito killer machine can be used in 1 acre land too, to drive away mosquitoes. Use it in industrial area, amphitheatres, farms, restaurants, tea and coffee estates to create a mosquito-free zone in non-toxic way. Using Dynatrap is advantageous to schools as well who have mosquito breeding sites nearby. Schools and Universities can create a healthy environment, free of mosquitoes for their children.

When the world is grappling with the mosquito menace, Dynatrap is the ultimate solution. By breaking the lifecycle of mosquitoes in 6 weeks, it is a revolutionary product in the market promoting health and safety. Dynatrap is the first choice of a happy society.

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