An Innovation to Protect Your Child from Mosquito Menace with Dynatrap

An Innovation to Protect Your Child from Mosquito Menace with Dynatrap

Jitendra Dubey February 13, 2017 0 Comments
An Innovation to Protect Your Child from Mosquito Menace with Dynatrap

Who can ever safeguard the health of a baby better than a mother? A mother understands every whimper, cry, giggle or chuckle the baby does. As soon as a woman becomes a mother she pledges to protect her child from everything that can cause an adverse effect on him.  Health of a child needs safeguarding from several diseases and disease causing factors, major among them is mosquitoes. Mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya are not only dangerous but can also prove fatal.  India is among the most affected country in the world suffering from mosquito borne diseases epidemic. There are several mosquito killer machines available in the market which claim to get rid of ever-growing peril of mosquitoes. Among them are vaporisers, sprays, coil, mats and fumigants. These have proved effective but only to a certain extent. All these products emit fumes which have been found to be toxic for children as well as adults.  Applying them near infants can cause severe respiratory problems in children in later stages. Majority of these products can cause allergic reactions causing inflammation.

The active constituent of most of the popular brands or vapourizer is Allethrin or Pyrethrin whose prolonged usage may cause neurotoxicity or can cause olfactory effects.  One more ingredient in mosquito repellents is DEET (Diethylytoluamide). This compound though harmless in small doses but its prolonged usage or higher doses can be detrimental to the health. DEET is known to cause breathing problems, burning eyes and headaches. Smoke from burning mosquito coils can mosquitoes at bay but also find their way inside the lungs leading to Asthma. It has been discovered that burning of one mosquito coil in a room is akin to smoking 100 cigarettes in a day. Obviously toxic fumes of the mosquito repellents/ coils are not at all healthy for your child, mainly infants. Skin ointments as mosquito repellents have also been reported to cause skin infection in few cases. Even pregnant ladies are prone to the toxicity of mosquito repellent fumes due to their low immunity and can thus adversely influence the health of the growing foetus.
Mosquito nets though beneficial are not full proof and do not guarantee absolute protection from the mosquitoes. Household remedies also have their limitations.  Also mosquitoes vary in their tendency to bite according to their species. Dengue mosquitoes usually bite during day time as opposed to the malaria causing mosquito species which usually strikes during night. Generally mothers are not aware of these facts about mosquitoes and get casual towards the child during daytime. But a slight carelessness on their part leads to the unexpected.  Any remedy available in the market cannot tackle all the species of mosquitoes with the same deftness. Also they DO NOT KILL the mosquitoes just drive them away for few hours. The chemicals in these mosquito repellents also cause mosquitoes become resistant to them in few years, hence they become incapable after certain time frame.

So how can this looming mosquito threat be addressed? Your search for the solution ends here.

Veltosa, a company involved in empowering society through innovative breakthrough products shares these worries of a mother who puts the health of her children above everything else. The company introduces Dynatrap, an innovation that is an eco-friendly technology not only safe but is also completely chemical free. Mosquito killer machine from Dynatrap, does not release any toxic fume, is silent and lasts really long. It breaks the life cycle of the mosquito in 6 weeks, thus eliminating them by hampering their breeding capabilities. Dynatrap can be safely plugged- in inside or outside your home. It works 24×7 and in all seasons with very little maintenance. It works on technology of attracting mosquitoes by releasing CO2 gas. CO2 gas is irresistible to mosquitoes; therefore they get attracted to the device and subsequently are trapped via a vacuum fan. Vacuum created by the fan sucks the mosquitoes inside an attached retaining cage. The retaining cage can be easily detached and be cleaned by emptying the dead insects into the dust bin. Dynatrap has several variants according to size such as 300 sq. ft., 1000 sq. ft. and 1 acre. Accordingly they can work outdoors as well as indoors with complete efficiency. Above all Dynatrap is equally effective on all the mosquito species irrespective of their biting tendencies. So be it day or night Dynatrap stands guard your family as a proficient guardian creates a safety net around them which the mosquitoes can never penetrate.

Due to zero fumes, zero chemicals and minimum sound Dynatrap does not cause any harm to infant, their mothers or even any of the family members. Even an elderly at your home need not worry about any chemical fumes or respiratory problems to be caused from the device. Plug in Dynatrap anywhere in your house with confidence and see your baby sleep peacefully without any fear of mosquitoes. Meanwhile you can sing a sweet lullaby!


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