Dodow Products

Why Choose Dodow to Fall Asleep Fast?

Tired of trying various sleeping aids to help you doze you off? Sleeping pills help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer, but not without leaving any side-effects. Dodow – an alternative method is developed inspired by Yoga, Meditation and Behavioral Cognitive Therapy. It is the best Sleep Aid Device. At any time of the night, it is at your rescue that promotes restful sleep within a time span of 8 minutes. By helping you to achieve the optimal rate of 6 breaths per minute (bpm) through concentration on the dim blue light projected on the ceiling, dodow helps you let go of your unwanted thoughts and stress, thereby regulating your nervous system functioning, easily lulling you into a deep sleep. So, to get rid of your insomnia, Don’t harm your health with Sleeping pills, Try Dodow- Sleep Aid Device

For Whom Dodow is for?

  • Woken Up in the Middle of the Night
  • Extremely Stressed
  • Thoughts Running through the Head
  • Pregnant Women
  • Noisy Environment