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Bye Bye Body Pain!

What’s the Buzz with Buzzy?
Buzzy is a breakthrough palm-sized health care device that provides pain relief in seconds so you can bid goodbye to your pain. Buzzy healthcare mini uses a combined effect of ice and vibration to block sharp painful sensations on the body. It directly desensitizes the area around and downstream from where it is placed. Buzzy makes injections, IVs, and phlebotomy pain-free and has the same effect as a pain numbing cream.

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  • Gate Control Theory
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Vibration and ice impact our body in a very different way. Buzzy uses a medical principle known as ‘The Gate Theory’. When sharp vibration and cold sensation are simultaneously sent to the body along with pain impulses like those of injection, then only the sharpest impulses make it through the ‘Gate’ of the brain. So the brain registers the vibration and cold but not the pain, hence making the operation pain-free.

The gate control theory is at the foundation of Buzzy®. Medical world recognizes “Gate control” as the term used to describe pain relief by causing sensations other than pain, and then sending them down the same pathway where pain gets blocked at the “gate”.

Sharp pain, itching, and burning are transmitted the same Aδ nerve to a transmission system of the spinal cord. Motion, temperature and pressure signals travel alongside pain fibers on Abeta nerves. When these signals are sent simultaneously, they overwhelm and choke the gate. So a single summary signal is then transmitted up the spinal cord, thus excess vibration or cold can overwhelm or dilute the sharp pain from shots, itching, or burning from medications.


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Naimesh Jha

Since childhood I have not been able to overcome my fear of injections. I even felt ashamed of myself at times that I couldn’t overcome this fear of mine. But that changed when I came to know of Buzzy. I couldn’t believe it when I used Buzzy for the first time, the injection was in my body and yet I couldn’t feel anything. This was such a blessing.

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Built using the patented Cool PulseTM technology


Class I FDA cleared medical device


"I can't imagine how one can do a medical procedure without it any more." Dr. Annemarie Oberholzer

Calming Effect to Body Pain

With Buzzy healthcare mini, you can experience pain-free medical procedures. It is the palm sized healthcare device that operates on the Gate Control theory, thereby completely numbing the painful area with it’s unique technology of using ice and vibration to block the pain.

This health care device is much in demand because of it’s soothing effect and it will easily help you to get rid of the fear caused due to injections, IVs and phlebotomy. This Device has proved as a blessing for many.

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Buzzy Helps For

  • Aches
  • Arthitis
  • Bee Stings
  • Blood Draws
  • Diabetes
  • Dialysis
  • Knee Pain
  • First Aid
  • Clinical Use
  • Injury
  • Neck Aches
  • Tattoo
  • Injections
  • Splinters
  • Tennis Elbow