Don't clean any more, COAT! CERACOAT!

For All vehicle windshields & windows, Prevents from abrasion and is antibacterial.

A Ceracoat™ Ceramic treated windshield provides up to one full second of reaction time when needed most: 95 feet in distance when driving at 65 mph is almost 100 extra feet to avoid danger. Independent Studies prove that Ceracoat™ Ceramic applied on windshields improves visibility. Tests show road debris imparts more force to untreated windshields, resulting in pitting, chipping, and cracking, which decreases safety and increases hassles and costs. Ceracoat™ Ceramic  reduces the coefficient of friction and increases the possible weight load of glass, Up to 10x, making it much more durable. Untreated windshield glass is not smooth. When viewed microscopically, you actually see peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys create a surface similar to sand paper. This jagged edge surface connects better with flying road debris which then imparts more force to the glass and causes pitting, chipping and cracking. With Ceracoat™ Ceramic protective nanocoating there are fewer peaks and valleys to catch road debris, distort vision and create glare. The glass becomes much smoother, resulting in a cleaner and safer windshield. Ceracoat™ Ceramic  swiss nanotechnology can be easily applied on automotive windshields. The chemical reaction bonds to form an ultra-thin protective layer of optically clear material which makes the surface easier to clean and resistant to weathering.

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  • Benefits of Ceracoat Windshield Care Coating.

  • The thin nano ceramic film will coat and protect all your windshield
  • Treatment is effective for at least 20000 km or for a period of 12 months
  • CERACOAT will reject rain and create better view and safer driving conditions
  • At Certain Speed, you don’t even need to use your wipers
  • 10x More resistance to Damage
  • After treatment with Ceracoat, you will no longer need traditional cleaners.




Protection Against

Application of Ceracoat Windshield Care

  • APPLICATION: Surface must be clean and dry
  • Wash your windshield
  • Rinse with water
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Use  the  Ceracoat cleaner Green Wipe and clean windshield with circular movements until windshield is clean and let dry completely
  • Use the Ceracoat Windshield Nano Care Blue Wipe wiping in circular movements until windshield is completely dry. Use a dry cloth to remove any remaining haze.
  • Wait 12 hours before exposure to rain.