CERACOAT DES Long-Time Disinfectant 100ml

CERACOAT DES Long-Time Disinfectant 100ml


How does CERACOAT DES Disinfectant ensure our safety?

CERACOAT DES Long-Time Disinfectant is a water based daily cleaner/ multi-surface disinfectant. Apply just one coat, it sustains its antimicrobial effect and it boosts your virus protection power for up to 10 days (tested according to ASTM E 2180).

Use this CERACOAT DES Disinfectant on high touch surfaces at most frequented public places like educational institutions, shopping malls, offices, entertainment centers, homes, salons, gyms, hospitals, etc.

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  • Where Can We Use?
  • Powerful than Other Disinfectants
  • Tables/ Desks
  • Door Knobs/ Handles
  • Switches
  • Faucets
  • Elevator Switches
  • Countertops
  • Cell Phone
  • Keyboard of Laptop/Computer
  • Remote Control
  • Cars (Steering Wheel, Radio Dials, Gear Shifts, Mirror, etc.)

Conventional Disinfectant

  • Apply the Disinfectant
  • Kills the Germs &
  • Temporary Disinfectant Power Over!!!

CERACOAT DES Disinfectant

  • Apply the Coat of CERACOAT DES Disinfectant
  • It Effectively Cleanses
  • It Powerfully Disinfects &
  • Builds a Safety Coat for Up to 10 Days

Long-Time Disinfectant Works?

CERACOAT DES is a water based cleaner/disinfectant that leaves behind a multi-functional surface.
Once the cleaning effect dissipates, a three-dimensional nano-structured layer, measuring 40 times
thicker than human DNA is automatically formed and left behind that allows antimicrobial protection
for upto 10 days.

  • Innovative ‘controlled mechanism’ releases from a Nano-structured matrix when it comes in contact with viruses or bacteria.
  • ‘Closes the Hygienic Gap’ to protect the surface from microbial growth
  • Virtually eliminates cross contamination between disinfection periods.
  • Ideal for those organizations who are mandated to maintain regular cleaning.

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8 Ratings & 8 Reviews

Hiral modi

Ceracoat disinfectant is a amazing product that I have purchased during this covid 19 situation. This is a unique product I have ever purchased. Now I don't have to worry for 10 long days.

Sneha Parmar

"Very easy to use and
Very useful for every household and office .
In current scenario this is one of the best product you can buy online.
5 star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 is product and I have bought 4 bottel of ceracoat one for my home and other 3 for my office."

Punchal Mehul

This disinfectant protection is really awesome since the last 15 days I've been using it and it can say now I have relife of not disinfecting the door handle and kitchen cooking area again and again. Impressed by the product

Rajnikant Patel

I have bought this product recently for my office keeping in mind the safety of my employees.

Arjun Pathak

"Great product. It is stronger then other disinfectants.
I no longer have to worry about going shopping to get what I can easily receive delivered to my front doorstep."

Zainab Hussain

"It’s a worthy and easy to use product. It will maintain the surface of woods and metal. This thing is best for every stuff. I am using this at home. I haven’t seen any side effects so far.
It is a superior product in reasonable price."

Dolly Agarwal

CERACOAT DES gives good protection from virus for the long time. It can be said one of the best Disinfectant sprays for home.

Pintu Modi

This product is worthwhile for you and your family. Warrior against corona. Keep your family safe

Answer to common Queries

Answer to common Queries

Does this product hold any genuine certifications?

Yes, this product is manufactured in Switzerland and is tested according to ASTM E 2180 and is certified to sustain its antimicrobial effect for up to 10 days.

Once the place is disinfected by our product and if it gets touched by wet hands, then will the protection power of our disinfectant get over?

No. Your wet hands do not affect the disinfectant. Unlike conventional disinfectants whose efficacy is limited to their contact time, our Disinfectant sustains its antimicrobial effect for up to 10 days.

Is this product flammable and safe for kids?

This product is not flammable and is therefore safe for kids. You can use this product without any worries at your home and office.

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