Connoisseurs’ Jewellery Wipes

Connoisseurs’ Jewellery Wipes


Quick Beauty Treatment for Your Precious Jewellery

Connoisseurs’ Advanced Formula for Cleaning Jewellery like a Professional 

Just as you carry compact to bring shine to your dull and tired face, now carry in a compact-like box, the jewellery wipes that help you to bring back the lost radiance of your fine or fashion jewellery. Connoisseurs, the leader in jewellery cleaning products bring to you its super-advanced jewellery cleaning formula that can be easily carried in your handbag and can be used anywhere and anytime.

Along with removing tarnish, the jewellery wipes apply an anti-tarnish shield to help your jewellery retain its sparkle. With professional results, the jewellery wipes have been the most liked product by women worldwide.

Buy one to experience its guaranteed results.

Love It or Return It (*Within 30 Days)

Dispatch Time : 2 to 5 weeks

**Made in the USA**

  • Ideal for Cleaning
  • Each Box Comes With
  • Use it Anytime and Anywhere
  • Gold
  • Silver and Oxidized Silver
  • Rhodium
  • Platinum
  • Watches- Steel, Yellow/Rose Gold and Ceramic
  • Gemstones
  • 25 Dry Disposable Wipes
  • Compact Case
  • At Home
  • At Office
  • At Parties or Events
  • While Travelling


Step 1

Remove 1 dry, disposable wipe from compact.

Step 2

Gently rub your gold or silver jewellery. The wipe will instantly shine your gold jewellery and remove any tarnish from your silver jewellery.

Step 3

Also excellent for polishing watches.



7 Ratings & 7 Reviews

Ramesh Miyani

Awesome!! It is so easier to clean and gives nice shine to silver and gold.

Kamini Mistry

I can't believe that the tarnish of silver come off easily and one sheet can be used for various pieces.

Ravi Panchal

So far, I have used many products for shinning silver but this is the best one. I recommend to everyone.

Avinash Gohel

It is used for my wife's earring and it shined lilke new one. I would way it is really worth for expensive ornaments.

Shankar Prasad

At first, I had a doubt of getting shine on real jewellery but when I saw its shine at first attemp, I was surprised. Thank you for this product.

Dilip Chopra

I would say if you want to put on your silver or gold jewelley like new one, this is the product your are looking for.

Mahesh Soni

Little wipe but works effectively! As a jewellery seller, it works like a pro.



Is this product toxic?

Connoisseurs’ all jewellery cleaning products are completely non-toxic and safe for the environment, kids, and pets.

Will these products harm my jewellery in the long run?

Absolutely not. Connoisseurs’ expert-products are formulated to just enhance the shine of your dull jewellery without causing any sort of harm to your precious jewellery, in the short or long term.

Is just one wipe enough to clean jewellery?

Yes, if used as per the directions given on the packaging, one wipe will properly clean your jewellery.

Are these products tested and used?

Yes, Connoisseurs’ products are used by women in more than 45 countries. These products have become an inevitable part of these women’s lifestyle.

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