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Catch burglars before they rob your house

Listed among the SME Innovation Top 100 products

What is Mobeye Argos?

Mobeye Argos is a powerful and innovative alarm system which has many applications. It uses various parameters such as movement, temperatures, sound and others as input to trigger alarms in order to ensure safety and security of the premises. Mobeye Argos is a hi-tech safety and security system which alarms you before any untoward incident of theft occurs at your home. Bring Mobeye Argos at your home. It makes securing your valuables quite easy.

  • How Argos Works?
  • Technical Information

  • Movement sensor scans for movement
  • Triggers alarm to inform you when movement is noticed
  • Act appropriately and prevent robbery

  • 1 year battery life
  • Low power consumption
  • Works on main power or external supply
  • Arm when leaving
  • Disarm on arrival
  • Remote arming and disarming
  • Time based arming and disarming
  • Possible additional inputs
  • Configurable output

Can be Used to / in

Prevent Robbery
Prevent Robbery

Listen in
Listen in

Temperature based trigger
Temperature based trigger

Arm and disarm with code
Arm and disarm with code

Device control
Device control

Silent or loud alarm
Silent or loud alarm

Safeguard Your Abode from Theft!

Veltosa brings to you the hi-tech safety and security system that with it’s innovative technology alerts you before any incident of theft takes place at your home.

Mobeye Argos makes use of sensor that scans inappropriate movements, triggers alarm so as to inform you if any security is breached at your home. Protect your home or office from robbery with this advanced theft alert system.

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