Mobeye Outdoor Device



Protect your premises from thieves

Revolutionary Reliable Security

Mobeye Outdoor security system device is a reliable and flexible outdoor security system, which offers revolutionary accuracy in catching malicious movements in the outdoor premises of your property. Armed with advanced technology, its accuracy beats the traditional sensor devices.

This device can be used effectively in protecting construction sites, outdoor premises security, industrial sites, gardens, drive-ways, farms, halls and other open spaces.

  • Technical Features

  • 12 * 12 meter detection (adjustable from 2,5 meter, in 5 steps)
  • adjustable angle (90 degrees or less)
  • adjustable angle (90 degrees or less)
  • alarm to max. 5 contact persons
  • arming and disarming via tags or user-defined time schemes
  • batteries: 2* CR123 included (lifetime 1 year at normal use)
  • 2 tags included (already enrolled)
  • Mobeye Internet Portal (optional)

Ultimate Protection For Your Outdoor Premise

Are you looking for outdoor security system that provides best solution to protect your premise from any adverse situation? Premises security is managed in an advanced manner by the brilliant device-

Mobeye Outdoor equipped with two sensors to detect the movements and alert you before burglary takes place. This device is a must-have for café owners, famers, corporate houses, amphitheatres, gardens and other such big properties.

How it Works?

Although it is a highly advanced technology, the operation of Mobeye Outdoor Alarm is fairly simple and reliable. The detector contains two sensors which work independent of each other. Only if both upper and lower sensors simultaneously detect a movement, the alarm is set off. If the alarm is not turned off within the entry delay time, the preset numbers receive an SMS alarm message followed by a phone call to a maximum of 5 numbers.

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