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Thieves are getting advanced. Are you?

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Your Tiny Guard that provides Big Security

Photo Express E3 is an advanced motion detection security system which detects movement when security is breached at your home or office. This fully equipped home security system then alerts you by sending text message to your phone or by calling you, depending on the configuration. It also takes night vision snapshots of the thieves in action and emails them to you. Photo express 3 can be an expert office security system as well. Get yourself this Photo Express E3 and give your place a hi-tech security.

  • Product Features
  • Where to use it?
  • Package contains

  • Up to 6 months life on AA batteries
  • Keychain based remote control
  • Night Vision Enabled
  • Operates in a temperature range of (-10) to 50 °C
  • Standalone system. Operates independently
  • Email snapshot
  • SMS alert
  • Call alert
  • Connects to the ear piercing “PRISMA-S” siren (optional)

  • Any place where GSM mobile telephone coverage is available
  • Residential premises (homes, hotel rooms, apartments, trailers, garages, etc.)
  • Offices and commercial locations (office, storage, closet, safe)
  • Automobiles, aircraft, ships, yachts, etc.
  • Hunting trail, picnic areas, camping sites

  • One Photo EXPRESS E3 motion detector alarm device
  • Two AA alkaline LR6 1.5V batteries
  • One keychain remote controller
  • Double-sided mounting tape (25x40mm)
  • Quick Start Guide

Afraid of Getting Robbed?
Buy Photo Express E3

Times have change and we are surrounded by unknown threats. One among them is the threat of burglary that worries every house owner every now and then. But, keep your worries at bay, as Veltosa’s home security system will offer peace to your mind through it’s advanced operating system. Take a long vacation to your dream destination that you have been delaying, as Photo Express E3 through its motion detection security system,

instantly informs you about the unfavourable happenings at your home or office by instantly sending a text, pictures of the burglars or even by making a call on your synchronized device, thus alerting you to take safety measures as soon the burglars break into your house or office. If you possess high value assets, then this is the must have home and office security system.

How it Works?

Photo Express E3 includes a PIR motion detector that includes a SIM card. When it detects movement within the protected zone, it takes up to two photos of the intruder in night vision and sends it to your email. The built-in GSM SIM sends SMS alarm to any six mobile phones of your choice along with an alarm call to a number. At the same time, it triggers the loud wireless siren “PRISMA-S” (to be purchased separately).

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