VibraCool Knee/Ankle Pain



Instant pain relief with powerful combo of ice and vibration

Presenting New VibraCool®, an innovation that deploys the combined effect of ice and vibration for the first time to relieve pain from knee and ankle. VibraCool® offers an over the counter relief from ache or injury even during daily routine or athletic training. VibraCool® is easily wearable and can be comfortably secured on knee or ankle via attached straps. 10-20 minutes of VibraCool® application provides massage on the affected area through vibration and added compression by ice bringing relief. Compression remains secured in its place during any activity. VibraCool® deploys the FDA cleared Cool-PulseTM technology that overtakes pain with simultaneous sensation of cold and vibration. Cool-PulseTM technology had previously been used for blocking the injection pain and is now utilized for easing muscle pain. Ice is known to decrease inflammation and pain but at the same time also decreases blood circulation and stiffen muscles. Vibration helps removes lactic acid formation in muscles and reduces their stiffness decreasing the pain.

Benefits of VibraCool® :

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Relief from injection pain
  • Relief from athletic injury
  • Prevents onset of muscle soreness

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  •  Utilizes ice and vibration together for the first time in India.
  • Can be easily secured to the knee or ankle via straps
  • Only 10-20 minutes of application is enough.

The gate control mechanism is the basis for VibraCoolR . “Gate control” is the term used to describe pain relief by confusing your body’s own nerves and distracting away from the pain.  Nerve sensations of temperature (c fibers) or vibration (a beta fibers) combine in the spine to send one message to the brain. Hyper stimulating cold and vibration “shuts the gate” on the small, fast a delta sharp pain fibers, so the brain only perceives cold sensation and movement but no pain.

It is similar to placing a burnt portion of skin under running cold water which stops the burning sensation by stimulating cold receptors, dulling the pain. Ice also induces Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control, or DNIC, reducing pain by taking up bandwidth in the pain-processing area of the brain and sending inhibitory signals down to block pain throughout the body.

  •  Attach VibraCoolR to the affected portion (Knee or Ankle) with straps.
  • Attach the ice wings filled with ice and attach it at the back of VibraCoolR
  • In case of Plantar Facilities Pain Relief attach the ice wing on top of VibraCoolR with the strap.
  • Activate Vibration and leave for 10-20 minutes (or as directed by Physician)
  • Detach slowly after the therapy.

Please Note: Vibration or ice compression has to be applied in accordance to the requirement of different aches or injury.



Completely DRUG FREE


10 times more efficient than numbing creams


First FDA cleared product combining icing and vibration


  • Freeze the given ice pack in the freezer for 30-45 minutes.
  • Insert the freezed ice pack under the unit in contact with the skin. Blue side (more cold) or white side (less cold) can be chosen according to the tolerance level.
  • Attach the VibraCool® at the affected area via straps.
  • Activate Vibration.

Please note: Inserted ice pack can give deep inflammatory cooling for 10 minutes. The ice pack can be removed if too cold, even if the vibration continues.