BUY APPLY Get your Money Back even if 1 Mosquito bites you within 10 days!

Get your Money Back even if 1 Mosquito bites you within 10 days!

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  Say Goodbye to harmful chemicals forever!

Say Goodbye to harmful chemicals forever!

Making Innovation Useful

Innovation Useful

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Unravelling Innovation from across the globe for the safety and empowerment of our society

Veltosa is built with a vision of unravelling novel technology for the safety and empowerment of our society. With that visionary foundation firmly established, Veltosa explores the world for innovative technological solutions that help resolve some of the pressing problems of mankind in a unique and convenient manner.

With the help of a diligent research and development team, state-of-the-art infrastructure, sound financial strength and a wide network of passionate professionals, Veltosa finds and invests in the world’s best technology solutions before customizing and making them available for the people of India.

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To innovatively combat the alarming issue of mosquito borne diseases in India, Veltosa, unveiled DynaTrap– the electric mosquito killer. Tailored to Indian requirements, it is the best mosquito trapper that operates in a non-toxic way- without the use of pesticides and chemicals to eliminate biting flies, moths and other flying insects in your indoor and outdoor living space. Instead of becoming the victims of the noxious effects of mosquito repellents, it is time to adopt an eco-friendly formula by purchasing this mosquito killer machine online.

With ‘Just Plug In It’ formula, this insect killer machine is an innovative and advanced approach that works 24*7 in a quiet, simple and safe way. Veltosa’s core ideology lies in customising products inspired from the global trends, hence, it boasts of theft prevention device, outdoor security system, health care device, all devised as per Indian needs.


Vishal Shah
Vishal Shah C.E.O.

Our house was infested with mosquitoes, because of which our family suffered from many diseases like malaria, dengue and others. Dynatrap removed the mosquitoes and insects and made it possible to prevent these diseases. We feel safe now.

Akash Damania
Akash Damania Assistant Manager

SecYour helped us to nab the burglars by taking their photographs and informing us on time. We are so happy that we had installed SecYour before going on vacation. Thank you SecYour.

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